Farmer's Market Box- Still Available Via Subscription

Farmer's Market Box- Still Available Via Subscription

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Our August Box theme is Farmer's Market (ships 1-4th). There is nothing more magical than finding yourself at the most amazing Farmers Markets during the summer time. From the wide variety of vegetables and fruits to the amazing display of unique, and handmade products. Farmer's markets are truly special places.

Our single box purchases are sold out for this theme. Please click subscribe on our homepage to get this box. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

This Box comes with:

  • A themed glass piece
  • A themed apparel item
  • Lots of smoker babe necessities
  • Papers and Wraps
  • Some amazing artisan products

 Please read below before purchasing:

This box ships out August 1-4th.

This listing is for a single box purchase not a subscription. This listing will be the only single box purchases available for this month the rest will be subscription spots. If you are wanting a subscription please click the subscribe button. This box is the same box our subscribers will receive for august, so no need to purchase again if you are already subscribed.

Our Farmer's Market box theme has the cutest summer vibes and really fit the month of august perfectly.

Our boxes are non-refundable , please keep that in mind upon purchasing. 

stay Stoney babes! ❤️