The Baked Beauty Box Subscription!
The Baked Beauty Box Subscription!

The Baked Beauty Box Subscription!

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Your First Month's Box Theme Is: Spaced Out

Ships End Of August

Regardless of which subscription you choose, you'll get one box every 3 months. The difference is that when you choose Biannual, you pay for 2 boxes every 6 months (instead of one box every 3 months), and you get a discount!

About Spaced Out:

Come space out with us with an out of this world smoking box. 

The Baked Beauty Box

features a mix of:

--->CBD & Regular Beauty Products
--->Your Stoney Smoking Goodies
--->Lifestyle Girly Goodies

This Stoney Babe + Yellow Coffin Collab box is a themed, limited edition quarterly box.

What About The Variations? What's The Difference?

The Baked Beauty Essentials Mini Box includes a combination of smoking essentials like papers, wraps, lighters etc along with CBD beauty and lifestyle items. Pipes are not provided in this box every month. This box is your basics.

The Baked Beauty Standard Stoney includes a smoking piece, smoking accessories, smoking essentials, all the CBD beauty goodies, and lifestyle items.

The Baked Beauty Treat Yo'Self Premium Box includes everything in the Standard box plus more goodies and an upgraded smoking piece.


Shipping Schedule: 

We ship these boxes Quarterly (once every 3 months). 

The last week of February

The last week of May

The last week of August

The last week of November


Quarterly Subscriptions renew 

March 1st

June 1st

September 1st

December 1st


Biannual  Subscriptions Renew: 

March 1st

September 1st


International Orders outside of the USA: 

International shipping can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on your location. Our re-occurring subscription renews on the 11th for the next months theme. Please be aware it may renew before you received your box. Please email us to pause your renewal if you would like to wait to see your box first and it hasn't arrived by the 11th. We are not responsible for any extra charges via customs or tariffs that your package may acquire. We are not responsible for customs taking any items out of your box. We rarely ever have issues with customs holding packages and only ship things that are legal to send via mail. Please know the laws in your area for what items you can accept via mail. Some items may be substituted (lighters, matches, etc.) if we are not allowed to ship them internationally.


The Stoney Babe Team.